What areas do you provide service?

We cover the entire Greater Johannesburg area and may also service as far as Benoni, Centurion, Krugersdorp and Alberton.

Why Should I Hire A Professional When I Can Try To Do It Myself?

• A professional not only has the latest and most effective products, but also the education and knowledge to get the job done right.
• A professional knows the habits, life cycles, food preferences, and harbourage areas of the pest he is treating.
• A professional can tell the difference between the many insects that exist in South Africa, and knows that each has its own prescribed methods of control.
• A professional knows how to handle products safely, when and where to apply them, and how much application is necessary.
• A thorough inspection by a professional can spot possible problems before they become serious and therefore limit the amount of products that need to be applied.
• A professional knows many non-toxic ways of managing an insect infestation; including habitat modification, exclusion techniques, the use of growth regulators and the proper use of baits.

How Long After The Initial Treatment Does It Take To See Results?

Time of results will vary with the target insect and the pest management strategy employed, but for the most part results are rapid and long lasting. Your ongoing service agreement will ensure that pests are not only controlled but prevented and kept out of your home.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Flying Ant And A Termite?

There are 3 easy ways to tell flying ants and termites apart:
• Wing size
Termite wings are all equal in length and extend well past the abdomen. Ants have wings which are unequal in length and generally end at the tip of the abdomen.
• Antennae shape
Antennae on termites are straight and bead-like, but on ants they are elbowed.
• Waist size
Ants have a pinched waist, but termites have no constriction in the body and are more streamlined.
• Winged Ants vs Termites

Winged Ants vs Termites

Do I have to be home at time of service?

• Lawn – No, we will treat the entire lawn and leave you watering instructions and any other helpful information right on your front door in a plastic bag.
• Indoor Pest Control – We only need access to the inside of your home on the first treatment, all other treatments will be on the outside only which you will not need to be present.

Do I need to leave my house once you are finished treating the interior for insects?

No. We use only tested and approved products applying them in the cracks and crevices where only insects can contact, most of which do not have an odour.

What about the safety of my pets?

Birds and fish are extremely sensitive to pesticides and should be removed before treatment. However, shortly after chemicals have been applied, these pets may return to their original locations. Cats, dogs, other mammals and reptiles would not be in danger during or after treatments.

What about sensitive and allergic persons?

Some people are more sensitive than others. Each pest is treated differently, and various products and methods could be considered to gain control over the pest – we refer to this as integrated pest control. Therefore, products could be applied in selected areas (out of the way) or non-chemical products could be used. Alternatively, corrections could be made to the environment to minimize the impact on persons.

Are the pest products applied environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our products are environmentally friendly. As these products are manufactured from natural products, it breaks down 100% in nature within a short period.

I have heard that cockroaches are clean insects?

Cockroaches thrive in filthy environments. Their bodies may shine of cleanliness but microscopically they are covered with germs which could cause gastric illnesses.

How do cockroaches enter our premises?

Cockroaches may attach themselves or their egg capsules to plastic crates, cardboard boxes, potato bags or any other packaging usually stored in warehouses or store rooms and can therefore be carried into your home.

Could pests be coming from our neighbours?

They could certainly travel from one apartment to another if you live in a multi-unit building. Insects such as cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs, could also attach themselves to your shoes and clothing during a visitation of such infested premises/ homes as they are mainly dependant on hosts to travel.

Will insect pests return after treatment?

Pest control treatment targets a specific pest, taking the life cycle into account. The adult species would certainly be eliminated, but the egg or larva stages may survive, leading to their reappearance. In this case a follow up treatment will be necessary.

Do we need to clear cupboards in preparation of the treatment?

To reach every corner, joint and crack present in furniture, it is advisable to clear cupboards in order to apply insect products onto all surfaces, especially inside cupboards, where it is dark. Such activity would be a specific requirement for the treatment of cockroaches and silver fish.

Can I protect my garden from rats?

You can. Make sure your grass is regularly cut. Remove clutter, close garbage can, remove standing water, place bird feeders high above the ground, remove pet food. You can also plant mint at all corners and edges of the garden, as it can keep rats at bay.

What can I do to prevent pest infestation?

• There are many reasons why a pest infestation could occur, however, following these steps can help you prevent and control pest problems.
• Clean likely hiding places, i.e. cracks, crevices in floors, baseboards and vents frequently
• Keep all spaces around stoves, refrigerators and cabinets clean
• Clean up food spills and crumbs completely and immediately
• Do not leave unwashed dishes overnight in a sink or a cabinet
• Keep food stored in tightly closed containers
• Since dry dog or cat food may provide a picnic for cockroaches, rodents and ants, it is best to store it in a container with a lid and avoid putting out more food than the pet will eat
• Inspect incoming grocery bags and soft drink containers for hidden insects and their eggs
• Remove trash and garbage daily
• Repair all dripping taps.
• Seal off possible entryways for rats and mice (a mouse can get through an opening as small as 25mm wide)
• Vacuum mattresses regularly to remove dust mites and their eggs
• Do regular spring cleaning

Finding a cockroach in your house is a problem, but when it disappears it is even a bigger problem! Call us today!

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