First Rains Bring Ants, Mosquitoes And Bugs Out Of Diapause

The first summer rains in Gauteng bring the reappearance of ants after their underground winter diapause. The long-awaited rain after the winter season is a signal for ants to become active and for millions of eggs to hatch.

Ant colonies, also known as ant farms, do their preparations during the Gauteng dry winter months. Spring rains bring a noticeable increase in ant activity in and around the house and office. These colonies can invade domestic and office areas to the extent that spraying domestic ant repellant will not help. This is when an insect infection expert is needed. People can spend a lot of money on pesticides, but professional extermination methods are the best solution.

Ant killers

To control infestations, there are a variety of ant killers, but none are very effective:
• Cleansers, such as bleach, ammonia and soap;
• Herbal and natural products, including hot pepper, chilli oil, lemon and vinegar;
• Sprays, such as Raid;
• Baits and traps;

Sprays prove to be only slightly more potent than household cleansers and ants baits. Herbal and natural remedies are generally the least effective.

In some cases, ants can invade kitchens and dining rooms to escape searing heat or excessive dampness, and there is little that domestic solutions can do to stop this.

Pest Control Professionals

A professional expert will look for the source of the problem and where the ants and pests are entering the environment. From this, a turnkey solution suited to your requirements will be provided.

Stagnant water, as well and rivers and dams can also present challenges from insects. These waters remain relatively calm during the dry months in terms of bugs, spiders, mosquitoes and even frogs. But as with ants, the first rains are a signal for the lava in swamps and stagnant water to hatch and can bring an onslaught of insects.

The first rains in Gauteng brings the reappearance of ants after their underground winter and their preparation to resume their work in the dry season. Ants are known for active and courageous emergence from the pupal stage into a crucial period of their lives not only during the ant prior to pupation but also during their adult life cycle. This transition, which happens several days after rain, is another aspect which can have a positive or negative impact on your local ecosystem.

Rains bring ants, mosquitos and everything in between out of hibernation. One can usually guess what causes this, but not always. And it is the same with pests and diseases that are no longer enough to stay within certain limits (such as certain pests still resistant to spraying). A specialist Pest Control professional has to enter into homes and offices, vans, sheds, warehouses and other environments where these situations occur, to identify and deal with the pests in different ways. Usually, this happens with smaller pests that can be controlled within smaller areas and within bigger ones easily.

Here again, expert advice is needed. The wrong pesticides can negatively affect fish and wildlife. An environmentally-safe alternative is needed. In some areas in Gauteng, literally thousands of flying insects can appear from nowhere, sometimes even from trees. Here again, expert advice is needed to evaluate the source and, based on professional experience, the best infestation solution can be provided.

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