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Pest Works, based in Johannesburg,  guarantee safe and effective pest control solutions that will never leave you without peace of mind. We will help you develop a comprehensive plan to deal with your pest or bug problem long term to keep your home or business pest free. We cover the full spectrum of pests from termites, cockroaches, bees, termites, rats and mice! The Pest Works team are equipped with the latest methods and techniques in dealing with pests to ensure your home or office remains a place where your health and hygiene are taken care of. First, we start with a basic assessment of the perimeter of the property, from there we will be able to learn and understand how the pests are gaining access to the property and where their nests are burrowed. We look for evidence throughout the property for their nests and burrows as well as droppings and chewed cables. These all provide us with sufficient evidence of the roadmap to deal with your infestation.  We have a proven track record in eradicating pests throughout Gauteng, from the suburbs of Johannesburg to Midrand, we have the experience and knowledge in dealing with pests for the health and benefit of your home and office.

Our team of pest control specialists are aware and understand that we will be working in amongst and around your possessions in your home and are fully trustworthy when treating your home. We will be careful not to spray any children or dogs toys. Pest Works use products that won’t stain any furniture or wooden flooring.

Health Dangers of Cockroach, Fly & Rat Infestations

Cockroaches, flies and rats will eat almost anything and are commonly found in the trash and areas of low hygiene, meaning that there is a high chance that they are prone to carry disease. It doesn’t help that certain pests and bugs are nocturnal, meaning that you generally won’t see them during the day. Such pests and bugs hide behind kitchen appliances, in cracks, pipes and crevices. We recommend reading through our resource section on how to identify an infestation and if you do it is important to act quickly and eradicate these pests as soon as possible to prevent the further spread of diseases amongst your home or office.

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We offer the following pest control solutions:

  • Ant treatment
  • Cockroach treatment
  • Termite treatment
  • Rodent control
  • Bird proofing
  • General insect treatments
  • And more!

Pest Works specialises in Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg


pest control


If you have observed pests in your home or need guidance guarding your home against undesired guests, we will come and inspect your home.

pest control


Pest Works will take care of any pests and will install pest-monitoring tools in strategic places to assist in keeping an eye out for pests.

monitor pest control


Pests operate all year round and all seasons. Our team will visit on a regular basis to keep an eye on pest activity.

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