Pest Works offer a pre-construction treatment service in Johannesburg and Gauteng. Pre-Construction Treatment is a prerequisite for those building new homes or new buildings.

People fear having an infestation of termites or other pests in the foundations.  While there are treatment plans that they can purchase to maintain their properties, a Pre-Construction Treatment is required to poison the soil to prevent termites. It provides a sense of security knowing the foundations are solid for the new resident.

Pre-construction treatment is specifically targeted at termites and specifically subterranean termites, not dry wood termites. Our pest control service eliminates such pests.  Termiticides are used to spray down the foundation, concrete slabs and everything that goes into the floor of the building. This treatment is far less costly than getting termite damage repaired. While many homeowners may not be aware of pre-construction treatment, most contractors are aware of the service and why it is important. Speak to your contractor about pre-construction treatment and its importance.

To get started with your pre-construction treatments

Firstly, we start out by pre-treating the trenches in which the concrete foundation is poured.  This will ensure there is sufficient termiticide in the soil to prevent termites from getting into the structure foundation.  Our pest control team will also come back and pretreat the soil underneath the floor slab when construction has reached the stage of pouring concrete floor slabs. We will also treat any points where wood structure meets the ground.

Termite damage can be very costly. Trying to prevent it, by all means, is important to your home and peace of mind. Often times termite damage is occurring and we don’t know it.  They attack our homes and get in through any cracks or joints in floor slabs. They can do an extensive amount of damage, going unseen for sometimes years.

Ensuring it is done right.

When the building contractor contacts us about treating the soil before putting down the slab, we come out and check the moisture level of the soil.  The moisture level has to be just right for our pesticides to work. This may mean a small delay in construction.

However, if we do it when it is too moist, it won’t be as effective. Once we have treated the area, we will then leave it for a full 24 hours in the sunshine.  Of course, we will check to ensure there isn’t any forecast rain. We will then return to the area and check to ensure that the treatment took to the soil as it should.

This treatment will kill termites in the area and also lay a level of protection and barrier down to kill any termites that try to move in. Another way to do pre-treating is to drill holes around the perimeter of the building site. This puts a barrier around the building and the chemicals are inserted.

Professional exterminators

Pre-construction treatment services are regulated by the building codes in your area. This should be done by a professional and is not a do-it-yourself job.  Your builder can explain why this is important. The Pest Works team work with builders to ensure they are doing their pre-construction treatment properly and according to regulations to ensure that the homeowner is protected. It is our pleasure to have provided our pre-construction treatment service in Johannesburg and parts Gauteng for many years.

We work with homeowners and builders to ensure their pre-construction treatment services are applied properly and done to code. It is our pleasure to go above and beyond expectations.  Pest Works wants to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Give us a call if you are looking to build a new home and are interested in pre-construction treatments today.

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