Preparing for Autumn Pests

Bed Bugs Don’t Completely Disappear in Winter

When Johannesburg begins to cool off for the autumn season, pests such as bed bugs, squirrels and army ants have their own preferences for hiding places and we need to know where they are so we can keep them out. It doesn’t matter whether you have one or five properties in Sandton or Randburg – you will always need to prepare for any eventuality when an infestation arrives. Although your properties may look clean and unperturbed compared to several months ago, the consequences of an infestation wait just around the corner. This article will help you get rid of bed bugs without damaging your property or causing disruption in the area.The first thing to consider is whether your property lies within an area notorious for bed bugs. If this is true, it will be essential to contact a Pest Control professional to eliminate the problem.

Bed bug infestations are difficult to get rid of without professional help. Even when trying to keep your home as clean as possible, infestations can occur. To ascertain whether you have an infestation, it’s advisable to engage with an experienced pest control company. They will provide successful results which you will more than like not achieve on your own.

Bed bugs don’t completely disappear in winter. They generally remain active as long as there is a food source and a place to nest, usually in your mattress. Other hiding places include headboards, carpets, furniture and similar places.

Coupled with their ability to survive with no food for long periods, they can lay over 5000 eggs in their lifetime. On average they will lay about five eggs a day which means that with only 50-bed bugs your bed could have 250 new eggs a day.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Here are some tips for reducing the risk of bed bugs in winter.

  • Vacuum your mattress and upholstery frequently.
  • Professionally clean your bed every six months to eliminate dust mites and bed bugs. This is when to call in an expert. To avoid bed bugs, your home should be kept thoroughly hygienic. To make your home as inhospitable to these pests as possible also vacuum between cracks, crevices and floorboards.

Because bed bugs are tiny in size, their eggs are roughly the size of a grain of sand and are often hard to detect. If you have bed bugs you may experience small, swollen red bites with a darker centre indicating their presence.

Also remember that bed bugs can lay dormant for periods of up to 18 months. If you suspect that you have them, look out for tiny black dots, which is their droppings.

You could end up with an infestation on your hands, so the best advice is to contact a professional pest control provider immediately.

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