Recognising an Ant Infestation in the Home or Office

With the advent of spring each year, ants begin to appear from nowhere. This ends the ant respite from the cold winter months. And as the weather begins to warm so does the appearance of these sometimes very irritating little creatures.

A simple ant spray, that you can buy at your local supermarket can have poisonous ingredients in and using them could contaminate food and surfaces where food is.

It is interesting to watch ants enter your home and the paths they follow. Ants leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow creating a marching line. This is where we use our professional products that will also remove the pheromone odour. We will also apply the spray or liquid to their path.

The Pest Works team will also look for mounds, we will use our unique approach for stopping these unwanted guests from entering your home.

Our team will find the entry points that the ant use, and will carefully spray those areas as well, and block them. These are usually small areas – and once again it’s best to spray all possible entry points.

Tips for Avoiding Ants

Food, even very small amounts, are the main cause for ants to enter your home or office. It is therefore important not to leave open food in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or even on your desk at work. Dishes in the sink will attract ants very quickly, whether at home or the office. So it is important to never leave dishes in the sink for a few hours and definitely not overnight.

Pets bowls also attract ants. A good solution is to place their bowl on a larger container. Then, add water to the larger bowl so that the food bowl is surrounded by water.

Pest Works are professionally trained to irradiate these pests in your home. We offer Pest Control in Fourways as well as Pest Control in Sandton.

Give us a call to get rid of ants on your property!

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