Signs That You Have Rats In Your House

Winter is here and rats typically move from outside nests into shelters to borrow and in warmer places. These warmer places often include the Attic of your house, basement wine cellar or behind your kitchen appliances. Here are a few signs that you may have rats in your house.

Rats often burrow outside in soil under the house, in trees and plants, including palm trees and as It gets cooler and the minimum temperatures drop the rats move inside. One thing to remember is that rats are most active during the night so we often don’t see them but hear them. Here we have to look for droppings and other evidence.

Rat Droppings

Rat droppings occur around the areas where rats go into the house, look around the corners of the house for the rat droppings too.

Grease Marks

Rats are quite dirty with greasy and dusty bodies. The rats will leave smudges and marks on the wall where they are trying to climb in and with their moving around the house you will notice marks on the walls.


Have a listen out during the night for noises in the ceiling in the attic. If you hear rats, we recommend that you act pretty quickly on sorting this issue out as rats are known to spread disease so ensure that you don’t have rats in your house.

Look for rats in any lofts and attic space. They like insulation, such as cardboard as well as being out of sight, so check for any gaps. Rats also like any pipeworks, look for cables which have been chewed and look behind appliances like stoves and washing machines.

When looking for rats outside your property look around any decking, behind or in sheds and garages, behind and in compost bins, any vegetation and around drains. If you think that you have a rat infestation at your house, It is important to act quick and take steps to ensure your home or office is rat free.

The Pest Works team are rat exterminators and well-trained in finding rat infestations, removing them and preventing them from coming back. We are well trained with the latest methods in finding the rats and how to stop them from coming back. We will also assess the entire property and find how they were accessing the home and seal up those holes in the walls and rooms and other areas. Our experts know where rats like to hide, whether it’s in a basement, attic or loft, behind appliances, we will be able to find and determine where they might be and provide the best solution to stop rats from eating at your cables and causing damage to your appliances. Many insurance companies are no longer covering rat damage to household appliances so is important to deal with rats as soon as you know that they’re in and on your property.

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